On December 10, 2020 the New York City Council passed Int. 2033-2020, which allows the Department of Buildings (DOB) to issue an Interim Certificate of Occupancy (ICO)Similar to a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO), an ICO allows residentsto occupy specific portions of a building deemed safe for occupancy by DOB, prior to completion of all permitted construction work on the project.  A link to the new law can be accessed here:  https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/buildings/local_laws/ll6of2021.pdf 

However, unlike TCO, which must be renewed every 90 days until a Final Certificate of Occupancy (FCO) is issuedan ICO never expires. This may provide comfort to commercial and residential occupants who may be concerned that their building is no longer safe to occupy after a TCO expires. For building owners, the new procedure should reduce the timing of processing paperwork at DOB and scheduling multiple TCO inspections, which can delay the progress of construction. It may also provide lenders with more confidence when financing new construction projects and may discourage hasty construction in order to renew a TCO or obtain an FCO.  

To qualify for an ICO, the building owner must apply to DOB and demonstrate that the building meets certain requirements, including, among other things, noncombustible construction, an automatic sprinkler system and adequate means of egress, and that the portion of the building to be covered by the ICO will be deemed safe for occupancy upon DOB inspection.  The ICO can be revoked or suspended if incomplete or erroneous information was provided to the DOB. 

An ICO is not available for residential buildings with fewer than eight stories or fewer than four dwelling unitsnonresidential buildings with fewer than five storiesmixed use buildings with fewer than four dwelling units or parking structures.  

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