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Shaping the NYC Skyline


Brenda and David had an incredible conversation with David McCarty from Alloy Development, uncovering their unique approach to real estate. Alloy stands out for its focus on both financial success and community enrichment—a refreshing departure from the norm. Their commitment to sustainability is truly remarkable. Notably, they’re pioneering change by constructing the first fully electric skyscraper, a project that reflects their forward-thinking ethos. This endeavor showcases not only their innovation but also their dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and their neighborhoods. 

We explore their distinctive approach to involving the community, welcoming feedback, and enhancing daily lives. Alloy’s thoughtful methodology and actions are breaking stereotypes and fostering a new era of conscientious development. Tune in to discover how David and Alloy are setting a forward-looking example for the industry’s future and Shaping the NYC Skyline.

In this episode, Brenda and David talk to David McCarty about:

  • navigating his journey from studying urban planning to being at the forefront of sustainability and building design 
  • Alloy’s innovative playbook and how it differs from other real estate development firms 
  • the future of sustainability in urban development 
  • the importance of community engagement and cooperation in the rezoning process
  • and more… 

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