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Brenda, David, and Camila had the pleasure of interviewing the one and only Adam Leitman Bailey. With a name as remarkable as his, Adam imparts a distinctive influence on the realm of real estate. More than just an attorney, he stands as a self-made businessman, driven by a fervor for justice and an awe-inspiring personal journey. Adam’s wealth of experience lends a litigator’s insight into the intricate landscape of New York City real estate.

We delve into Adam’s unwavering commitment to justice and his endeavors in navigating the high-stakes world of New York real estate and landlord-tenant litigation. Throughout it all, Adam retains his down-to-earth demeanor, approachability, and unwavering passion for his profession. Join us as we explore Adam’s path from humble beginnings towards Shaping the NYC Skyline

In this episode, Brenda, David, and Camila talk to Adam Leitman Bailey about:

  • the complexities of real estate litigation in NYC
  • his contributions to establishing legal precedents
  • the challenges in the NYC housing market
  • the impact of politics on current real estate trends 
  • and more… 

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