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Join us for an enlightening conversation with Richie Zav, the Head of Development at Diamond Dev Group. Richie, a self-taught developer from Queens, New York, has made a remarkable journey from real estate broker to a key figure in the development industry. With a business administration degree from Queensborough Community College and advanced studies in real estate development from Baruch College, Richie’s hands-on and innovative approach sets him apart.

In this episode, Richie shares his insights on the complexities of construction and development, and how he is making these topics accessible through his popular Instagram videos. He delves into the strategic importance of opportunity zones, recounts his experiences with innovative projects like the Rockaway condo development, and emphasizes the critical role of a dedicated team. Richie also discusses his success in securing the 421-a tax incentive, showcasing his expertise in navigating New York’s real estate landscape.

Discover how Richie’s commitment to excellence and community, combined with his resourcefulness and strong team support, have enabled him to inspire the next generation of real estate developers and Shape the NYC Skyline

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