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Shaping the NYC Skyline


Brenda, David, and Camila had a captivating conversation with Ken Fisher, a distinguished partner at Cozen O’Connor. Ken’s professional journey lies at the dynamic intersection of real estate and politics, encompassing diverse areas of expertise such as real estate development, zoning and land use, and governmental affairs. A master at skillfully identifying, reconciling, and articulating both public and private interests, Ken possesses an exceptional ability to navigate this delicate balance. Drawing from his rich background in public service, Ken has emerged as the foremost socio-political strategist for some of New York’s most prominent real estate developers and industry players. 

Ken’s early immersion into the realm of politics paved the way for his extensive tenure as a City Council member, spanning over a decade, and his role as the host of a public access television show for nearly two decades. Tune in as Ken graciously imparts his unparalleled insights and wisdom, delving into the intricate tapestry of real estate politics in the vibrant landscape of New York City, and his contributions to Shaping the NYC Skyline.

In this episode, Brenda, David, and Camila talk to Ken Fisher about:

  • Ken’s journey as City Council member in Brooklyn’s transformative landscape
  • navigating the complex intersection of real estate development and public interests
  • balancing development and community engagement 
  • reflections on New York City’s transformation over the years
  • the impending challenges of New York City real estate 
  • and more… 

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