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Shaping the NYC Skyline


From childhood memories to creating a renowned real estate development company, Brian Ezra’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With Avi Fisher and Jesse Wark by his side, Brian created a company that will leave a lasting impact on the Brooklyn skyline. Their complementary skill sets, shared values, and deep seated trust in each other’s abilities were the keys to unlocking opportunities that they never thought possible. This is an origin story you won’t want to miss.

In this episode, Brenda and David talk to Brian about:

  • The importance of strategic partnerships as a catalyst to developing real estate.
  • Avery Hall’s historical focus on the Brooklyn real estate landscape.
  • The difficulties that NYC developers face in today’s political climate 
  • The need to modify real estate policies to streamline development in New York City. 
  • What the future has in store for Avery Hall Investments. 
  • And more… 

Brian Ezra is one of the three founding partners of Avery Hall, responsible for sourcing and acquisitions, project conceptualization and the company’s overall development strategy. Brian is a fourth generation Brooklynite, and has leveraged his deep passion and knowledge of Brooklyn and real estate development to enhance the Brooklyn community. Over his 15-year career in real estate, Brian has overseen in excess of $1 billion of development and investment activity, comprising over 1.5 million GSF and 1,000 residential units. 

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