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421-a Due Diligence: How to Protect Your Investment in NYC Multifamily Real Estate

The 421-a partial real estate tax exemption program (a/k/a Affordable for New York or AFNY) includes various requirements that must be met to obtain and maintain benefits. It is, therefore, critical for both lenders and purchasers of multifamily buildings in New York City that have received or will receive 421-a benefits to retain experienced 421-a

Inclusionary Housing, Tax Incentives . . . And So Much More

Seiden & Schein, P.C. is a leading law firm in the areas of inclusionary housing and real estate development tax incentives. But that’s not all the firm has to offer. Seiden & Schein also boasts a stellar reputation for its work and experience in a wide range of other types of real estate-related legal services,

How Far Can a 421-a Replacement Program Go?

(Illustration by Paul Dilakian/The Real Deal) Alvin Schein was interviewed by a reporter from The Real Deal for this article, which is about the potential of a new real estate tax exemption program for the expired 421-a program – and life potentially without an as-of-right residential tax exemption program. One of his comments was that

No-Action Letter Condominium Declarations, a Device to Maximize Tax Benefits

At Seiden & Schein, P.C., we assist our clients during every step of the development process. That includes ensuring that they take advantage of all potential real estate tax incentives to maximize their project’s bottom line. The work performed by Senior Counsel Hillary Potashnick and Associate Luisa Gutierrez exemplifies this commitment. Potashnick, who has over

Don’t Forget to Renew Your ICIP and ICAP Benefits

Properties receiving benefits pursuant to the Industrial & Commercial Incentive Program (“ICIP”) and/or the Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program (“ICAP”) are required to file a Certificate of Continuing Use (“CCU”) by January 5, 2023. Failure to file the CCU by the deadline may result in a suspension or revocation of the ICIP or ICAP benefits.

Calculating AHFA in Inclusionary Projects

Depending on the context, the Floor Area for a project is calculated using different metrics – e.g., gross floor area, zoning floor area, and net floor area. Under the Inclusionary Housing (“IH”) Program, as administered by the Department of Housing of Preservation and Development (“HPD”), both Zoning Floor Area (“ZFA”) and Net Square Footage (“NSF”)

Interview with Adam Levenson

Please join us in wishing Seiden & Schein, PC attorney and co-op and condominium department co-chair Adam Levenson not only a very happy birthday, but also a happy 23rd anniversary at the firm! Adam, who joined the company back when it had just 5 employees, has been integral to the growth, expansion and success of

421-a Deadline

There are just a few weeks remaining until the window closes for construction to begin on buildings seeking to be eligible for 421-a benefits. As uncertainty about the future of the program remains, it has never been more important for developers to make sure that construction has commenced, and that such commencement is well-documented, before